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More information on hyperhidrosis, the insurance process & iontophoresis support

Insurance & Physician Packet

Interested in going through insurance? We’ll send this packet to your physician (or you can bring it to them) to get the information required to file a pre-authorization request.

Patient RX Form

Prescription form for The Fischer Tap Water Iontophoresis Device, to be filled out by a licensed healthcare practitioner.

Insurance Reimbursement Guide

Seek payment from your provider without first waiting for approval.

Iontophoresis Physicians Booklet

Everything you need to know as a medical practitioner to prescribe iontophoresis.

The Fischer Instruction Manual

The Fischer Manual

A digital copy of The Fischer Instruction Manual.

MD-2 Instruction Manual

A digital copy of The MD-2 Instruction Manual.

Back-to-School Letter

A letter for your student to take to school that helps explains their symptoms to teachers and faculty.

Hyperhidrosis Solutions Comparison Chart

Comparing your options, from antipersperants to medications.

Pediatric Hyperhidrosis – Gordon & Hill

Scientific paper published 2013.

Treatment of Palmar Hyperhidrosis by Iontophoresis – Stolman

Scientific paper published 1987.

Palmar and Plantar Hyperhidrosis Practical Management – Benohanian, Boudjikanian & Paylan

Scientific paper published 2007.

Hyperhidrosis Management Options – McConaghy

Scientific paper published 2018.